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Beginner in Photo Editing? Here’s Why You Must Pick Lightroom




When asking about recommendations on photo editing programs you will probably receive the same two answers from everyone – Lightroom and Photoshop. Although both are under the same Adobe flag, they vary greatly in terms of interface and their intended users.

Photoshop could prove to be very overwhelming for starting artists who do not have any clue at all in editing. Its layout is simply full of tools that complicate the entire editing task instead of simplifying it. On the other hand, Lightroom’s interface is geared to be more user-friendly for beginners. However, if you require more advanced editing techniques, Photoshop is simply the best at doing the job. Nevertheless, Lightroom has some pretty convenient tools that starters could explore to jumpstart their editing skills.

Here are the reasons why Lightroom is the go-to option for artists who are just starting out.

Lightroom’s Layout is Perfect for Starters

Rather than confusing you with an array of tools all around the home interface, Lightroom’s layout is beginner friendly. All the main editing tools could be found on the right-hand side of the home screen and it is pretty much easier to explore each tool.

Multiple Editing is Made Simpler

Multiple image editing is considerably simpler to do using Lightroom. You don’t have to repeat every action that you did for a previous phot when starting a new task as you can save preset in Lightroom. Using presets is so much more convenient than starting all over again on an edit.  

Streamlined Edigin Process

Lightroom has a streamlined path to editing. Adjustments, retouching, and corrections are made less complicated in Lightroom because of its smooth workflow setup. You can even input details for each image such as caption, alt text, tags, and keywords. Lastly, you can share the photo directly on social media right after your edit. One more thing is that beginners can make an image gallery in Lightroom.

Lightroom is a proven user-friendly photo-editing platform for beginners. It is perfect for exploring some much-needed editing tricks. Complicated editing techniques could become a challenge, however, using Lightroom. This is where Photoshop could fill in gaps in Lightroom’s tools. Generally, Photoshop is used for more complicated edits such as compositing and multiple layering.

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