Guide to Buying Work Smartphones


As most businesses nowadays rely on the internet to help create a massive online presence, using of smartphone for work makes your employees more productive and ensures that your business is one step closer to achieving its goals.

Here we present you with a smartphone buying guide to help you find the right smartphone option for your team.

No. 1: Pick the Best Smartphone Service Provider that Fits the Budget

Given that most small businesses do not have a lot of budget for this kind of investment, it should not limit business owners to get the best deals offered by service providers. Of course, it is not expected that you avail the latest model of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy if your budget will not allow it. Try to talk with different service providers in your area and see for yourself what they offer. Most of them offer business bundles, which allows you to have affordable bulk orders. Choose the provider that has the widest array of device options, while at the same time being competitive in terms of their pricing.

No. 2: Decide if between iOS and Android

Android and iOS are the widely used operating systems these days. You should decide what system you should use for the entire team. Do not try to use both operating systems as things will be bound to get complicated. Some apps that are compatible with iOS are not compatible with Android. So, for easy device management, decide on which one is best suited for your business. If you have a business related app that only runs on iOS, then you should go for Apple devices. One advantage of Android, however, is that a wide range of products at different price points are available. That makes Android the more affordable choice.

No. 3: Compare Specific Features

After you have decided which service provider to avail and which OS to use, it now time to pick the right smartphone to buy. The choosing will all boil down to the specs of the device. Smartphones nowadays are equipped with sophisticated features, but not all, however, will be necessary for your day to day business operation. These are some specs that you should look out for:

Battery Life – the number one consideration should be battery life. The device should be capable of running at a minimum of 8 hours if used continuously. Also, try to read smartphone reviews to give you a general idea which brands offer devices that have the longest battery life.

Camera – Dual cameras are today’s standard for smartphones – one in front and one at the back. The front camera, or the selfie camera, is most especially necessary for video calls or chat with clients. The rear camera, on the other hand, is where all the powerful feature is packed. If you do not necessarily need a high-tech rear camera feature for your business, then you can opt for a simpler one with a good front camera.

Screen/Display – The minimum requirement to look for should be a high-resolution LCD display. If you want a better display feature, look for screens like OLED or AMOLED. These features are perfect for employees who deal with graphics or creative stuff. 

Processor – Processor of smart devices have tremendously improved over the last five years. Today, your smartphone should have enough processing capability to run various functions – such as web browsing, video streaming, texting, emailing and social media – without hanging or bricking. At the minimum, the processing RAM should be at 2 GB. If your business deals with a huge amount of data and advanced visuals, opt for higher processor specs. 

Storage – although not a deal-breaker, storage capacity is also a feature that you must take into consideration. The standard 64 GB of storage space is usually enough for every employee’s need. If not, employees have the option of using a micro SD card for additional storage.