Habits to Avoid in Your 30s


There’s a lot of self-discovery going on when you are in your 20s. You figure things on your own, like what kind of career you plan to take on, and what type of relationships you want to keep. Like everyone who’d been there, you made a lot of mistakes and hopefully learned from all of it. But as you move on to your 30s or if you’re already in that age, things have somewhat changed. You know more about yourself and isn’t afraid to show your true colors.

Nevertheless, the change isn’t something that will happen overnight. It just means there are things that are better left in your previous decade as they will no longer be of help to you in your 30s. Refusing to let go of your old habits can hinder your growth and success.

Here are 14 habits to ditch as you move on to your third decade of life.

  1. Using plastic cups for cocktails and wines
    Apart from aesthetics, Science also dictates that wine is made to be drunk from a globe-shaped wine glass and whiskey from an old-fashioned tumbler that has plenty of room for ice. Plastic impairs the flavor of this concoctions.
  2. Not caring for your skin
    Gone are the days when we frowned at skincare routines. Aging is real, and it manifests on the surface. Your skin will thank you if you start wearing sunscreen daily and putting on moisturizer regularly.
  3. Neglecting your nails
    Clean and manicured nails are not just for vanity, but more importantly, for hygiene. Avoid fungal infections by trimming your nails and moisturizing your nail beds when needed.
  4. Not washing your linens often
    Get into the habit of regularly cleaning your towels and sheets. You’ll never know when your bae suddenly comes over.
  5. Keeping bad food in your fridge
    Bad food amasses molds, which is totally gross. Clean your fridge monthly with a paper towel dampened with a mixture of warm water and vinegar or lemon juice.  
  6. Not taking the trash out
    Make sure that take out your trash before they get filled to the brim. It’s a major turn off.
  7. Not washing your dishes immediately
    Make it a habit to wash dishes immediately after use. Stacking dirty dishes in the sink not only accumulates bacteria, but it also makes your dishes prone to chipping and breaking.
  8. Not demanding for a suitable pay
    When you were in your 20s, you took on entry-level jobs for experience’s sake. But now that you’re in your 30s and more skilled, it’s time to ask for compensation you’re worth.  
  9. Not making time for the people who are important to you
    As you age, you will realize how fast time flies. You can never turn back time, so spend time with your family and your loved ones.
  10. Splurging your money
    Investing while you are still in your 30s helps you prepare for a better future. So, save while there is money to save.
  11. Smoking
    Smoking is clinically proven to cause cancer. Enough said.  
  12. Not engaging in physical activities
    Your metabolism slows down as you age. So if you don’t work out, you are putting yourself in the risk of having a myriad of health issues.
  13. Drinking more than you can handle
    Now that you are an adult, you should realize that there are better things to do than nursing a hangover from a weekend full of partying and drinking. Know your limits and drink responsibly.
  14. Playing the guessing game with your crush
    You’re already an adult, so act like one. Save your time – and your heart – by practicing openness and honesty with someone you like.

There are no hard and fast rules in adulthood, but by keeping the things mentioned above in mind, you can avoid stressing over things that you have the ability to control.