How to Achieve That Tasty Casserole


Remember that good ole casserole your mom cooks? Well, you can also prepare it yourself. Here’s how you can do it.

The beauty of casseroles

One of the best foods would be a casserole. This dish takes time to cook yet easy to prepare. Mixing all the ingredients then cooking it in the oven – as simple as that, you have one delectable dish. Making casseroles is simple, yet you can upgrade it to make it more delightful. Here are ways to help you achieve that enjoyable recipe.


  • oven-ready cookware with a lid
  • a wooden spoon
  • a knife and a slicing board
  • a hand towel


Casserole dishes may have its unique, specific ingredients and taste, but how to cook is the same for all.

  1. Coat the meat with flour and add salt and pepper.
  2. Pour oil in oven-ready cookware over medium heat then cook one batch of meat until brown. Remove and put in a container then do the same for the remaining meat.
  3. Mix in the vegetables and other ingredients. Allow 2-3 minutes of cooking time.
  4. Combine the meat to the dish then put in the remaining ingredients. Seal the lid and cook in the oven.

Useful Tips

  • ¬†Ingredients should be of the same cut size.
  • Use the same container dish both for browning and oven-cooking to save up time for washing.
  • Use a tightly sealed lid to maintain moisture.
  • Pick out medium-sized casserole cookware to use.

It’s all in the meat

A perfect casseroles’ secret lies in the excellent choice of meat. Here’s what to remember when choosing and preparing the meat.

  • Select meat cuts that have more tissues and can become soft and not break apart during cooking.
  • Dip the meat in flour before cooking. Coating it early lets the meat absorb the flour, making the casserole less textured.
  • The meat or chicken should be browned first before putting in the other ingredients.
  • Cook meat or chicken in batches to avoid losing its juice.


To upgrade the flavor of your dish, you can prepare your casserole beforehand and then store it in the fridge. Before stocking it in, let the cooked casserole cool first then put it in an airtight container. Remember not to add dairy products so you can store it up to 3 months.

The choice cuts

Using the right cuts of meats and chicken can make your casserole more delectable. Here’s how to choose the best cut.

  • Choose pork belly, forequarter chops, and diced shoulder part.
  • Pick out the chicken with bones.
  • Select diced lamb, neck chops, boneless shoulder part, and shanks.
  • Choose from veal shoulder, diced veal, and shanks.
  • Take the round, chuck, blade or skirt steak and boneless shin beef.