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How to Deal With Flight Mishaps?




Sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen that could lead to a flight being canceled. This could then ruin a planned vacation, or worse, a business trip. This is an absolute chaos of an experience for travelers.

But did you know that travelers have rights that must be respected when traveling or booking a flight?  For certain cancellations that are out of your control, airlines are mandated to provide some sort of compensation to their passengers. Here are some things you need to know regarding that.

Law For Flight Delays

People who encountered a delay of more than 180 minutes or had their flight canceled by the airline must receive a maximum of £520. Each person is entitled to claim the specific compensation payment for the hassle it has caused them.

However, plenty of airlines companies try to escape the payment by blaming some technical errors. They try to find loopholes on plenty of arguments just to avoid shelling out money to these poor clients. To stop this from ever happening again, the government created fixed ruling in favor of flyers.

Criteria for Qualification

Before receiving reimbursement, flyers must meet the following criteria. First, you must have a sure flight confirmation. Any notice sent less than two weeks before the flight date also qualifies. If the disruption happened in the past three days, you meet the criteria for compensation.

If the airline provided a replacement flight and the arrival time is way past the schedule of your original flight, then you must seek for some repayment. And lastly, if the unfortunate circumstance is within the power of the airline.

The reimbursement amount given to flyers depends on the travel distance.  It varies from £216 to £520.

Now, you don’t need a lawyer to demand these compensations for you. The small amount you’ll receive is not worth the professional fee you’ll pay the lawyer. All you need to do is write a letter or an email addressed to the airline and official regulator.

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How to Deal With Flight Mishaps?

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen that could lead to a flight being canceled. This could then ruin a planned vacation, or worse, a business trip....