How to make your photos look stunning with a ring light


Do you ever wonder how snappers take clear and bright photos? The secret is actually a type of lighting called ring light and it is widely used to achieve images that appear to be taken by pro photographers. 

The round glint that we see in the eyes’ subject is a replication from the ring light that makes the shots remarkably good, even fit for style magazines. The ring light is a large ringed-shape light made up of LED lights. It can be on a one-flash mode or on a continuous mode.  It comes in varying sizes depending on where you want to use it. Some can fit a camera’s lens while some, particularly huge rings that are being used in studios, require a stand.

The use of ring light in taking photos can diminish harsh shades from the subject. It also expands the light source. It is perfect for taking portraits, macros, and food shots. 

Things to Consider in Picking Your Ring Light:

Before purchasing your ring light, there are a number of things you need to consider to make sure you get the best ring light to suit your needs.


Lights that range roughly around $100 are good for newbies for exploration. But for heavy usage or specialty photography, a more expensive but durable one is preferable because it can last longer.


More often than not, the ring light’s quality relies on its brand and its price. The extra costly they are, the more durable they’ll be. Consider how you handle your gear and your type of work in choosing the perfect model.


You can also purchase accessories to come with your ring light, such as stand and replacement bulbs. Educate yourself with the different uses of ring light accessories so you can arrive at a better decision on what to purchase. 

4.Light Settings

It is necessary that your ring light comes with adjustable light settings because lighting conditions are different with every photo you capture. It’s also essential to check the light temperature options of the ring light you are going to buy.

5.Size and Portability

Considering the size and portability is also a requirement. Small rings are good for macro shots for it wraps around the lens and gets you closer to the subject. In contrast, large ring lights withstand are good for portrait shots and food shots especially when you are working in a studio.