Scientist Produced a Hip-hop Flavored Cheese, and it has Funk


Cheese connoisseurs, rejoice! There is a newly created cheese out there that will make your taste buds seem to dance to the tune of a funky beat. And we mean it quite literally because this cheese was aged while playing hip-hop music on the background, giving it, well, a particularly funky flavor.

 A recent experiment on cheese creation headed by Beat Wampfler, a professional Swiss cheesemaker, together with a team of scientists from the Bern University of Arts revealed that playing music throughout the cheese aging process significantly impacts its final taste.

Cheese Listened to Different Music Genre

The experiment involves aging of Emmental cheese while playing songs from various genre as it ages. The scientists basically want to know the effect of sound waves on the flavor that’s created on cheese when it matures. Each cheese wheel was exposed to a 24-hour non-stop loop of a particular song from a particular genre in the entirety of its six months aging process. The music genre included in the experiment are: Rock, Hip-hop, Classical, Synth-pop, and Techno

A control cheese subject was aged without any music on, just the normal cheese aging process. Three other control pieces of cheese were tested with low, medium, and high sound frequency. These control subjects will provide a point of comparison with the experimental cheeses.

Taste Test Verdict

After the aging process, two groups of taste testers were tapped to provide insights on the flavor tones of all each cheese.

Food technologists were the first to examine the taste of the different cheeses. According to their conclusion, those that were exposed to music have a milder overtone compared to those aged normally. One exception though was the hip-hop flavored cheese, which certainly has a stronger almost funky aroma and flavor than the others.

The second group who taste-tested the music-flavored cheeses were culinary experts. They have almost the same insights with the first group, particularly ranking the hip-hop cheese as the one with the best flavor, with a distinctively fruity flavor.