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Sean’s Bar: Oldest Bar in the World




A pub has made it through the dark ages serving their guests coffee and different kinds of alcoholic beverage for the past 1,100 years. Previous owners and respectable Irish countrymen believe it to be the oldest serving pub in history.

Sean’s Bar: The Grand Daddy of All Pubs

There is an abundance of famous old pubs throughout Europe. To name a few, there is Dublin’s Brazen head, Nottingham’s Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Abergavenny’s The Skirrid Mountain, and there is the Bingley found in Leeds. All of these, however, falls short in comparison to the ancient presence Sean’s bar has stamped in the continent. The bar dates back way further than all of them.

Owner Timmy Donovan is astonished by the idea that his bar, located near the ruins of the Norman Castle, is the oldest running bar in the world. But many good Irish men believe it to be. Guinness World Record has even recognized it back in 2004 as the oldest public house in Ireland.

Tokens found in the pub were used by Archaeologists to try and date the era when the pub was established. The research has successfully dated Sean’s bar to go as far back as 900 AD. This era predated the fall of the Vikings in Ireland. It is even older than the creation of beer and whiskey.

Ancient Pub in the Modern Day

The wall of Sean’s Bar is decorated with nautical maps, memorabilia, old letters, and pictures. The displays tell a story of how much history the pub has gone through.

Sean’s Bar petitions to hold the record as the oldest bar in the world. All scientific records conducted make it hard to debunk this claim. Besides, it’s the people that bring light and happiness to this place, and they want to support this claim.

More bars are closing each week due to the increasing excise tax on beer and drinking commodities. But Sean’s still stands strong. Thankful for its well-cared-for history and management. Donovan spent the last 30 years serving the pub.

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