The Essentials of Being A Wedding Photographer


A wedding is a significant event in the life of a couple. For this reason, professionals are commissioned to memorialize the occasion.

Weddings are considered high-stress events because the clients would like it to be as perfect as possible. To that end, photographers must be enduring, calm, and flexible. 

Apart from art and technical skills, wedding photographers also need to be able to understand the process of planning a wedding.

If you want to engage in this career, here are some useful information.

  1. Start with the basics
    Weddings are nothing short of magical, and while being able to document it is a privilege, it is also a big responsibility.

    When photographing weddings, mediocre shots are unacceptable, and the newlyweds will be unforgiving if you don’t deliver their expectations. To avoid that scenario, you need to invest in learning a variety of skills.

    The first step to becoming a wedding photographer is to be familiar with your equipment. A good photographer doesn’t only rely on his camera’s auto mode. He must be able to switch to manual mode and adjust its settings. There are plenty of books and online courses where you can learn about the basics of photography, so take advantage of those.

    To be good in this field, one also needs artistic ability, people skills, and competence in meeting deadlines.
  2. Learn different styles of photography
    During weddings, a photographer is required to take different kinds of photos, including motion images, portraits, and still life. Different angles and focal lengths are also needed to capture the special moments of the event successfully. It is likewise essential how to maximize the use of natural light, and when to use an external flash.  To achieve all of these, the photographer must be familiar with his camera.
  3. Promote your business
    Once you’ve become familiar with your camera and have mastered multiple styles of photography, the next thing to do is to build an exemplary portfolio. You can do this by working alongside a well-known photographer who can help you gain experiences that you can add to your portfolio. Who knows, he may even endorse you to future clients that he can no longer accommodate.

    You may also try covering other events like baptisms, birthdays, and bridal showers so more people can discover your business.

    If you’re a beginner in this field, you must have a website and some business cards to hand out. Skills in sales and accounting are also needed, especially during a contract signing with clients.

    Wedding photography is a career that will continue to thrive. So if you’re a beginner, make sure to learn and master the skills mentioned above, and there’s no reason for you to fail in your chosen career.