Tips for budget trips


Exploring the world doesn’t have to break your bank if you know how and where to spend your money. Here are some proven tips to help you plan a budget-friendly holiday:

1.      Devise a plan

Spur-of-the-moment trips are great if you have money and time to spare. However, for budget travels, devising a travel plan is a must. You do not need to come up with a very detailed itinerary, but you must pre-determine how much time you need to spend on each of your destinations and how you are going to reach each one. The more intentional your itinerary is, the lesser you have to pay on unexpected purchases like last-minute bookings.

2.      Go during low season

School holidays are the most expensive times to go on holiday. Travel during the shoulder season, which is a few days before or after your destination’s peak season. You might not get as much sun, but at least it won’t be too hot.

3.      Try budget lodgings

Instead of booking a hotel room, try hostels, Airbnb, or Couchsurfing. Not only do you get to mingle with other travelers, but you also get to experience the local life through your Airbnb or Couchsurfing host.

Another way to cut the budget on accommodation is to stay with family or friends living in that location.

4.      Pack right

Ensure that you pack everything you need to avoid unnecessary shopping during your trip. A pair of long jeans, a hoodie to keep you warm, and a rainproof jacket are just some of the essential pieces of clothing to pack for a trip.

5.      Book early

Book your tickets months before setting out on your trip. Flights are more expensive the closer you get to your date of departure.

6.      Fly smart

Schedule your trip during the midweek to enjoy cheaper plane fare and shorter airport queues.

Likewise, opt to fly economy and pack light to save on hefty airline fees.

 7.       Use public transportation

Choose trains and buses over planes. You will also save on accommodation if you get onboard an overnight train going to your destination.

8.      Spend wisely on food

Instead of eating in a café or restaurant, try buying your lunch from the local grocery or fresh food market.  Don’t settle for the first restaurant you see but go around the area before sitting down for a meal.

9.      Make money while traveling

By working while exploring the world, you can make your dream travel come true without breaking the bank. You can teach skiing during the winter season, or earn an income by teaching your language in certain countries.