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Tips on Cutting Your Expenses When Travelling with the Family




Most parents will agree that summer plans become twice more complicated when you have kids. But there’s no better time for a family vacation than during summer because it gives everyone a chance to break away from their routines. It’s a great chance for every member of the family to relax and experience new things.

However, a vacation with the family can also mean a chunk of the family’s budget. Airfare, a place to stay in, and food can become quite expensive.

The following tips are meant to help you be more mindful of your spending when out for a summer vacation with your family:

1.    Set flexible dates

A flexible travel schedule, meaning going on a weekday instead of weekends, will save you a great deal on airfare and hotels.  Likewise, check hotel rates in different time frames to find the lowest cost.

2.     Look for accommodation outside the city center

Hotels and inns found a little outside the center of the city have considerably lower rates compared to those that are located right where the attractions are. Aside from being away from the noise especially during the night, taking public transport to get to the city center can also add to the experience.

3.    Search for deals

Hotels and travel biz often offer deals and packages through social media, automated emails, and apps, so use them to your advantage. 

4.    Book early or at the last minute

If you are planning for a trip around big national holidays, the trick is to book ahead of time. Travel booking websites don’t increase prices until about 10 to 16 days prior to a big summer holiday. Similarly, costs also go almost half the price if you hold off your booking until the nick of time.

5.    Take advantage of deals for families with kids

Various hotels, restaurant, attractions offer deals for kids, and some even have deals for the whole family. Be sure to search for these deals when planning for your trip.

6.    Go on a volunteer trip

A volunteer trip not only saves you from housing and meal costs, but it also provides a memorable immersive experience for the family, including rescuing wildlife in Guatemala.

7.    Rent out your house or do a home swap

While you’re away with your family on a vacation, you can rent out your house through apps like Airbnb. And right before you come home, hire a cleaning service to make sure you arrive at a clean and orderly house. Likewise, some websites like HomeLink help you swap houses with another family, and nobody needs to pay for lodging.

8.    Try a resort

Resorts have everything a family looks in one – accommodation and activities. Travel companies recommend booking for club level rooms or booking a resort with a kids club to save on costings for snack and activities.

9.    Find a place where you can make your own food

Meals can add up and take much of your budget, so it’s recommended to stay somewhere with facilities that allow you to make your own meals. 

10.    Car rental

Car rental services that are located inside the airport are often more pricey than those found in websites like Autoslash. Be wary of other fees that may come with renting a car, like insurances and prepaid gas options.

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