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Top 5 Platforms to Hone Your Photography Skills Online




If you are one of those people who has photography for a passion, you are probably looking for ways to improve your skills. But with all the busy schedule and work commitments, it’s just impossible to enroll and attend regular photography classes.

Good thing is you can do almost anything now using the internet. Through the internet, you can now take a professional photography class at the comfort of your home. Sessions are flexible enough to give way to your priority schedules.

Consider these following photography class platforms to hone your skills in capturing those lovely pictures.

#1. Stanford University-Digital Photography

If you want to know more about the artistic, computing, and scientific sides of digital photography, this platform is best for you. Some of the lessons you can learn from this site include: how digital camera functions, how to manipulate digital photos, what are the variables that affect exposure, Gamma correction, and an intro to the color theory.

#2. MIT-Sensing Place – Photography as Inquiry

This photography class platform employs a journal-based strategy to assess the learnings of the students. This means that students are instructed to keep a journal (images and writings) at the start of the program and develop a photography portfolio with narratives as the course progresses.

Also, this MIT-run online photography class inculcates photography as a science of expressing ideas, exploring landscapes, and seeing things in creative perspectives.

#3. HarvardX- Copyright

This portal is not directly linked to a photography course; however, it provides tips on how to protect your creative or intellectual property online.

You will learn a lot about copyright law and how to outsource free images and other contents from the internet.

HarvardX- Copyright provides downloadable learning for students, and you can finish a course at your own pace.

#4.  Nanyang Technical University-Beauty, Form & Function: An Exploration of Symmetry

If you want to know photography from the basics, this site is best for you.

Learn the basic principles of photography such as symmetry, proportion, contrast, unity, and variety on this site without attending a regular or fixed class schedule. All the programs of Nanyang Technical University online are self-paced, and the learning materials are downloadable and free.

Another advantage if you choose this platform is that most of its programs are available via podcast on iTunes U library.

#5. Harvard Extension-Exposing Digital Photography

Harvard Extension offers a comprehensive discussion on photography. From light and software tools, exposure, optics, digital cameras, down to the topics on color imagery, you can learn them all for free on this site.

These are some of the portals that you can tap if you want to learn more on photography. Remember, if you treat photography as your passion, you will exert effort to master this craft despite a busy schedule.

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